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CA IPCC Tax Syllabus Nov 2017 – New Amendments by ICAI


CA IPCC Tax Syllabus November 2017  and Applicable Amendments & New Changes are here. In this article, We’ve provided CA IPCC Taxation Syllabus Changes and Amendments Notification applicable for November 2017 and May 2018. Also Download CA IPCC Study Material for Nov 2017. The Syllabus of CA IPCC changes every two attempts. The Syllabus for November 2017 and May 2018 will be different for the IPCC subjects when compared to the syllabus that was applicable for Nov 2016 Exam. The reason for the change in CA IPCC Syllabus for November 2017 is the applicability of new Union Budget and also applicability of new Notifications and Circulars for this attempt. The CA IPCC Tax Syllabus new changes for November 2017 and May 2018  exam are available from the below provided links for free download. In this Article, we will list out Applicable CA IPCC Taxation Syllabus and also Amendments thereto.

CA IPCC Tax Syllabus For November 2017 Image result for blinking new gif

IPCC Tax Syllabus

IPCC Subjects For November 2017

There are total 7 Papers in CA IPCC Syllabus. See below Group I 

Paper 1: Accounting (100 marks)

Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and Communication (100 marks)

  • Part I: Business Laws (60 marks) comprising
  1. Business Laws (30 marks)
  2. Company Law (30 marks)
  • Part II: Ethics (20 marks)
  • Part III: Communication (20 marks)

Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial Management (100 marks)

  • Part I: Cost Accounting (50 marks)
  • Part II: Financial Management (50 marks)

Paper 4: Taxation (100 marks)

  • Part I: Income-tax (50 marks)
  • Part II: Indirect Taxes (50 marks)

Group II

Paper 5: Advanced Accounting (100 marks)

Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance (100 marks)

Paper 7: Information Technology and Strategic Management (100 marks)

  • Section A: Information Technology (50 marks)
  • Section B: Strategic Management (50 marks)

Tax IPCC Syllabus Changes Nov 2017

CA IPCC Tax Syllabus for May 2017 will see the most number of changes amendments. This is due to the applicability of the Union Budget introduced in 2016. ICAI has already provided a detailed document listing out the CA IPCC Tax Syllabus changes and amendments applicable for November 2017 which has been provided below.

CA IPCC Tax Amendments Download To make the preparation of IPCC Tax Syllabus easier, we will recommend students to go through our free Revision Notes for Tax (Both Direct Tax and Indirect Tax). These notes are provided in PDF format to easily view on Mobile devices.In there, we have provided all relevant notes for CA IPCC students including the latest amendments in Indirect Taxes part like Service Tax and CCR.

Here we are providing CA IPCC Taxation Syllabus for November 2017 in PDF format. Click below links to download.

Subject Syllabus
Taxation Download

IPCC Syllabus Paper 4: Taxation

(One paper – three hours 100 marks)Paper 4: Taxation Applicability of the Finance Act, Assessment Year etc. for May, 2015 examination The provisions of income -tax and indirect tax laws, as amended by the Finance (No.2) Act, 2014, including circulars and notifications issued up to 31st October, 2014. The relevant assessment year for income-tax is A.Y. 2015-16.

Contents:Part I: Income-tax (50 marks)

1. Important definitions in the Income-tax Act, 1961

2. Basis of charge; rates of taxes applicable for different types of assesses

3. Concepts of previous year and assessment year

4. Residential status and scope of total income; Income deemed to be received / deemed to accrue or arise in India

5. Incomes which do not form part of total income

6. Heads of income and the provisions governing computation of income under different heads

7. Income of other persons included in assessor’s total income

8. Aggregation of income; set-off or carry forward and set-off of losses

9. Deductions from gross total income

10. Computation of total income and tax payable; rebates and reliefs

11. Provisions concerning advance tax and tax deducted at source

12. Provisions for filing of return of income.

Part II: Service tax (25 marks) and VAT (25 marks)Contents:Service tax (25 marks)

1. Service tax – concepts and general principles

2. Charge of service tax and taxable services

3. Valuation of taxable services

4. Payment of service tax and filing of returns

VAT (25 marks)

5. VAT – concepts and general principles

6. Calculation of VAT Liability including input Tax Credits

7. Small Dealers and Composition Scheme

8. VAT Procedures.

Note: If new legislation are enacted in place of the existing legislation the syllabus will accordingly include the corresponding provisions of such new legislation in the place of the existing legislation’s with effect from the date to be notified by the Institute. Students shall not be examined with reference to any particular State VAT Law.

Part II: Indirect Taxes (50 marks)

1. Introduction to excise duty, customs duty, central sales tax and VAT – Constitutional aspects, Basic concepts relating to levy, taxable event and related provisions

2. Significant provisions of service tax

(i) Constitutional Aspects

(ii) Basic Concepts and General Principles

(iii) Charge of service tax including negative list of services

(iv) Point of taxation of services

(v) Exemptions and Abatement

(vi) Valuation of taxable services

(vii) Invoicing for taxable services.

(viii) Payment of service tax

(ix) Registration

(x) Furnishing of returns

(xi) CENVAT Credit [Rule 1 -9 of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004]

Note: If new legislations are enacted in place of the existing legislations the syllabus will accordingly include the corresponding provisions of such new legislations in place of the existing legislations with effect from the date to be notified by the Institute. Students shall not be examined with reference to any particular State VAT Law.

New CA Syllabus Applicability Date

It is a known fact that, the syllabus of CA Course is being radically changed. We have been receiving numerous requests regarding the applicability of this new syllabus.It is hereby clarified that, the new syllabus will likely come into effect only from Nov 2017 exams.Students who registered under old syllabus will be given at least three attempts before making the new syllabus applicable to them.

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