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How to Use Calculator Effectively in CA CMA CS Exams – Exam Tips


Know How to Use Calculator Effectively in CA CMA CS Exams. In CA exams, Students are allowed to use only a basic calculator and not a scientific one. There are certain problems which you will find difficult to solve on calculator. So, we are providing some tricks for use of calculator which will definitely help in your exams. All you have to do simply follow the things that we are mentioned in this article. Preparing for exams is not only study related, you also have to know some tricks to write exam in an effective manner. We are here providing some typical Calculator Tricks for CA, CMA & CS Students. Here we are providing tips for How to Use Calculator Effectively in CA CMA CS  

How to Use Calculator Effectively in CA CMA CS Exams

First, I am going to tell you how to calculate any root, and not just a square root, on a basic calculator.Step 1Take any number say 1234Step 2Press ‘ROOT’ button on calculator 12 (twelve) times.Step 3Deduct 1 from the resulting figure. (Press – button and then press 1)Step 4Divide the resulting figure by the root you want to calculate.For eg. If you want to calculate cube root, divide it by 3. If you want to calculate 6th root, then divide it by 6 and likewise.Step 4Add back 1 you deducted earlier in Step 3 (Press + button and then press 1)Step 5Now you are at final step. You have to do contrary of Step 1.Press ‘x’ (MULTIPLY) and then ‘=’ (EQUAL) in combination, twelve times.For further clarification, first press ‘x’ then ‘=’. Then again ‘x’ then ‘=’. Follow this combination of step twelve times. Count 1 when you press ‘=’ and stop when you count till 12.The resulting figure is your ANSWER.Now, If you are clear about calculating any root on a basic calculator, you are ready to solve a problems with some ease.For eg:Original cost-100000, Scrap value-5000, Useful life-6 yrs Rate-?Formula given to find the rate: {1-[(scrapvalue/originalcost)^1/n]} how to get the rate ?Formula for calculating depreciation rate is:\mbox{depreciation rate} = 1 - \sqrt[N]{\mbox{residual value} \over \mbox{cost of fixed asset}}Residual Value = Rs. 5000Cost of Fixed Asset = Rs. 100000N = 6So, we have to calculate 6th root of 5000/100000 i.e. 0.05Step 1Press ROOT button twelve times.Resulting figure: 0.99926888743Step 2Deduct 1 from Resulting figure in Step 1Resulting figure: -0.00073111257Step 3Divide Resuting figure in Step 2 by 6 (Six)Resulting figure: -0.00012185209Step 4Add 1 to resulting figure in Step 3Resuting figure: 0.99987814791Step 5Now, press ‘x’ and then ‘=’ in combination, 12 (Twelve) timesResulting Figure: 0.6070545673Step 6Now as per formula of calculating depreciation rate\mbox{depreciation rate} = 1 - \sqrt[N]{\mbox{residual value} \over \mbox{cost of fixed asset}}Deduct resulting figure in Step 5 from 1 (One){You may put resulting figure in Step 5 in ‘M-‘ and Then, press 1 and put it in ‘M+’. Then press ‘MR’ button. You will get answer by this.)ANSWER: 0.3929454327 OR 39.30% approxHope you like this article on trick for calculating any ROOT on a basic calculator.You might be finding it difficult to memorize at once. But, when you will practice it 2-3 times, you will get used to it and it shall come easy to you.Hope this article will help you much for your exams preparation. If you like this article, then Share this article “How to Use Calculator Effectively in CA CMA CS Exams – Exam Tips” to your friends.

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