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CS Foundation Best Reference Books for Preparation


CS Foundation Suggested books for CS Foundation exam preparation. ICSI has Recommended some books to CS Foundation Students. These are the best reference books for CS Foundation exam preparation. We had already given CS Foundation Study Material [Latest & Updated]. CS Foundation Recommended books are very useful to the students while preparing for CS Foundation Examination. The List of Books are given according to the paper-wise. The list of suggested readings has been classified into two categories, viz. (i) Readings; and (ii) References.

The books suggested for readings cover a substantial portion of the syllabus. The Institute’s publications have also been included under the Readings/References. In some papers, the subject being very vast, it is not possible to recommend one book, and, therefore, students are advised to read a separate book for each functional area in these papers.Students are also advised to read relevant Bare Acts and Rules and Regulations relating thereto. ‘Student Company Secretary’, ‘Chartered Secretary’ and other journals of repute should also be read regularly for updating and supplementing the knowledge particularly, in subjects like Taxation, Economic Laws, Labour Laws and Corporate Laws.


CS Foundation Recommended Books


Paper 1


  1. M.C. Shukla  A Manual of Mercantile Laws; Sultan Chand & Company, New   Delhi.
  2. N.D. Kapoor Mercantile Law; Sultan Chand & Co., New Delhi.
  3. N.D. Kapoor & Dinkar Pagare Business Laws and Management; Sultan Chand & Sons
  4. M.C. Kuchhal        Mercantile Law; Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
  5. Daniel Albvoverove        Legal Aspects of Business; Oxford University Press.
  6. Poonam Gandhi Business Studies; Dhanpat Rai & Company Private Limited, Delhi.
  7. NCERT Business Studies Text Book for Class 10+2
  8. D. Chandra Bose Business Laws; PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd
  9. Richard Blundel & Nigel Lockett Exploring Entrepreneurship; Oxford University Press.

References :Sen & Mitra Commercial Law; The World Press Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta.




  1. N.C. Jain, Saakhshi Management: Theory and Practice; A.I.T.B.S. Publishers, Delhi.
  2. L.M. Prasad Principles and Practice of Management.
  3. Raj Kumar Basic Business Communication; Excel Publication.
  4. M.C. Shukla Business Organisation & Management; Sultan Chand & Co., New Delhi.
  5. J.S. Chandan Management Theory & Practice; Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
  6. Madhurima Lal and Shikha Sahai Entrepreneurship; Excel Publication.
  7. Andrew Crane & Dirk Matten Business Ethics, 3rd Edition; Oxford University Press.
  8. Mory Sankar Mukerjee Business Communication; Oxford University Press.
  9. Meenakshi Raman & Prakash Singh Business Communication, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press.
  10. Ashok K. Nadhani Business Ethics and Business Communications; Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
  11. S. Balachandran, Raja, Nair Ethics, Indian Ethos and Management; Shroff Publication.
  12. K. K. Sinha Business Communication Galgotia Publishing Company Ltd.
  13. Varinder Kumar & Bodh Raj Business Communication & Organisation Management.
  14. Reddy, Appannaiah & Nagaraj Raja Rao Essentials of Business Communication Himalaya Publishing House.
  15. Ramesh M.S., Pattanshetti Business Communication; R. Chand & Co., 1, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi.
  16. R.C. Bhatia Business Communication; AES Publishers, Daryaganj, New Delhi.
  17. R. Satya Raju & A. Parthasarthi Management – Text and Cases, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.


  1. P.C. Tripathi & P.N. Reddy Principles of Management; Tata McGraw Hills Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi.
  2. Peter F. Drucker Management, Tasks Responsibilities Practice
  3. Joseph M. Putti Management: A Functional Approach
  4. Oxford University Press The Concise Oxford Dictionary; 2nd Edition.
  5. Cambridge University Press Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.
  6. Nick Battley The Oxford English Grammar; Oxford University Press.
  7. Herta A. Murphy Effective Business Communication; Herbet W. Hildebrandt McGrawHill International Editions.
  8. Collins (Publishers) The New Collins Thesaurus; Latest Edition.
  9. Merriam-Webster Incorporated Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Thesaurus.
  10. Asha Kaul Business Communication, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.




  1. H.L. Bhatia Micro Economic Theory; Modern Publisher, Gulab Bhawan, 6, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi.
  2. M.L. Jhingan Micro Economic Theory; Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd., A-149, Vikas Marg, Shakarpur, New Delhi-110 092.
  3. S.K. Agarwala Economic System and Micro Economic Theory; Galgotia Publishing Company, 6A/4, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.
  4. Atmanand Managerial Economics; Excel Publication
  5. D.M. Mithani Macro Economics; Himalaya Publishing House
  6. D.M. Mithani Money Banking, International Trade and Public Finance; Himalaya Publishing House, Ramdoot, Dr. Bhalerao Marg, Girgaon, Bombay-400 004.
  7. Ruddar Datt & K.P.M. Sundaram Indian Economy; S. Chand & Company Ltd., Ram Nagar, New Delhi.
  8. S. P. Gupta, P. K. Gupta & Man Mohan          Quantitative Techniques; Sultan Chand & Sons, 23, Daryaganj, New Delhi.
  9. R. S. Bhardwaj Business Statistics, Excle Books, A-45, Narayana Phase-I, New Delhi
  10. A. K. Agarwal & Sahib Singh Fundamental of Statistics; Frank Sons, Daryaganj, New Delhi.
  11. B. M. Agarwal Quantitative Techniques, Sultan Chand & Songs Pvt. Ltd., Daryaganj, New Delhi.
  12. Dr. Vivek Mittal Business Environment; Excel Publication
  13. I.C. Dhingra & V. K. Garg Economic Development & Planning in India.
  14. S. P. Gupta Statistical Methods; Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.


  1. Twelfth Five Year Plan Approach Paper Government of India Publication.
  2. Economic Survey (Latest) Government of India Publication.




  1. M. C. Shukla, T. S. Grewal & S. C. Gupta Advanced Accounts Vol. I, S. Chand & Company Ltd., Ram Nagar, New Delhi-55.
  2. R. L. Gupta & V. K. Gupta Financial Accounting, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi – 2.
  3. J. R. Monga Financial Accounting – Concepts & Applications; Mayoor Paperbacks, A-95, Sector 5, Noida (U.P.)
  4. Paresh Shan Financial Accounting for Management; Oxford University Press.
  5. S. N. Maheshwari & S.K. Maheshwari Advanced Accounting, Volume I; Vikas Publishing House (Pvt.) Ltd., Jangpura, New Delhi-14.
  6. S. P. Jain & K.L. Narang Advanced Accounting, Volume I; Kalyani Publishers, Daryaganj, New Delhi – 2.
  7. Ashok Sehgal & Deepak Sehgal Advanced Accounting (Financial Accounting); Taxmann’s, New Delhi.
  8. S. Jayaraman Financial Accounting; Excel Publication
  9. Aruna Jha Student’s Guide to Auditing & Assurance, Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Rohtak Road, New Delhi.
  10. S.D. Sharma Auditing Principles & Practice, Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Rohtak Road, New Delhi.
  11. Anand G. Srinivasan Auditing, Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Rohtak Road, New Delhi.
  12. S. Sundharababu, S. Sundharsanam A Handbook of Practice Auditing, S. Chand & Company, New Delhi


  1. T. P. Ghosh, A. Banerjee & K.M. Bansal Principles and Practice of Accounting, Galgotia Publishing Company, New Delhi-5.
  2. P. C. Tulsian Financial Accounting, Sultan Chand & Company, New Delhi.
  3. R. Narayanaswamy Financial Accounting – A Managerial Prospective; PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd
  4. Ashish K. Bhattacharyya Essentials of Financial Accounting; PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd

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