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CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Important Questions for Nov 2016


CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws important questions for Nov 2016 & May 2017. also read our previous article CA Final ISCA Important Topics & Questions for May 2017 Preparing for CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws for Nov 2016 or May 2017? Here we are providing some CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws Important Questions & Topics for Corporate and Allied Laws in CA Final Exam for Nov 2016 and May 2017 attempt. CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws is fourth paper in CA Final Exam. By preparing these topics and question you can easily pass CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws paper. Based on previous years CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws papers, we are providing the table of most important Chapters and Topics that students need to put more focus while preparation for CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws paper.

CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Important Questions for Nov 2016 & May 2017

CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Important Questions for Nov 2016 & May 2017

Topic Weightage
Directors Contracts and Expenses 8 Marks
Company Loans and Guarantees to Director 8 Marks
RBI Powers 8 Marks
NRI Provisions in FEMA 6 Marks
Draft Board Resolution 5 Marks
CG Powers to appoint Nominee Director 5 Marks
Women Director 4 Marks
Relief against Mismanagement 6 Marks
Declaration of Solvency 4 Marks
Independent Directors 5 Marks
Recognition of Stock Exchange 4 Marks
Residential Status under FEMA 5 Marks
Dominant Position under Competition Act 6 Marks
Actions against Members of a Stock Exchange 5 Marks

CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Important Preparation Tips for Nov 2016

Paper-4 Corporate and Allied Laws consists of two sections i.e. Section A, relating to Company Law  carrying a weightage of 70 marks with the objective that students are ‘able to analyze and apply various  provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 in practical situations,’ and Section B, carrying weightage of 30 marks dealing with allied laws and the objective is ‘to develop ability to analyze the requirements of laws stated in the Section’. In brief, the students are expected to have not only analyzing skills but also  application skills in company law, while in allied laws they are expected to have the analyzing skills (an overview of various allied laws) stated in the syllabus. Accordingly, preparation strategy deserves care, concern and caution.Some useful tips for a better preparation of the subject are:

  • In the Final Level examination, quoting of Section Number is compulsory. Try to avoid writing wrong Section Numbers.
  • Always refer Bare Acts of the relevant statutes along with the study material and Practice Manual.
  • Make a study plan covering the entire syllabus and then decide how much time you can allocate to the subject on daily/weekly basis.
  • Allocation of time must be done keeping in view your office commitments as well as social needs and personal hobbies.
  • Maintain the time balance amongst various subjects such as purely descriptive type and numerical-based papers. Allocate time in such a manner that your interest is well sustained and you are able to score well in the final examination as well.
  • Always assess your preparation periodically, say, on monthly basis. If necessary, revise your plan and allocate more time for the subject in which you feel deficient.
  • First of all, have an overview of the chapter to understand the broad contents and sequence of various sub-topics.
  • Read each chapter slowly to ensure that you understand and assimilate the main concept. If need be, read once again with concentration and then try to attempt exercise at the end of the chapter or given in the Practice Manual.
  • Recapitulate the main concept after going through each chapter by way of brief notes.
  • The fact that how well you have understood the topic will be reflected in your ability to attempt the questions given in the exercises as well as in the practice manual. Make a serious attempt at producing your own answers but at this stage do not be much concerned about attempting the questions in examination based conditions.  In particular, at initial stages, it is more important to understand and absorb the material thoroughly rather than to observe the time limits that would apply in the actual examination conditions.
  • Revise your answers carefully and underline important points before leaving the examination hall.

CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Important Chapters & Weight-age

CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws important questions for Nov 2016ABC Analysis according to trend of marks allocations

Category Topics Weightage
A Appointment & qualification of directors and Appointment & remuneration of managerial personnel,Accounts and audit, Meetings of board and its power 50-60 Marks
B Dividend, The SEBI, Banking, Insurance, SRFAESI etc, , Compromises, arrangements and amalgamations, Prevention of oppression and mismanagement, Winding up, 40-50 marks
C FEMA, Competition Act, Interpretation of Statutes, Deeds and documents, Money Laundering and Other Miscellaneous topic 20-30 marks

We hope that these CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws Important Questions & Topics will help you in clearing your Nov 2016 and May 2017 attempt.Along with these important topics, you should also practice previous year CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws papers to get much better understanding of paper pattern and important topics that always comes in the exam. This also helps in finding important chapters where should be focusing first. Share this important chapters,topics & tips for CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws exam Nov 2016 and May 2017 attempt.

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