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CopyRight Policy

CopyRight Policy

If you liked our content and want to content links from then you should be follow our Copyright Policy :

  • Contact me first before copying/reproducing the content.
  • After getting the required permission from,  you can continue your next step for publishing the article.
  • Copying the content without our permission is strictly prohibited.
  • copying the content using screen capture tools/applications are also not allowed.
  • Copying the content is may allowed to educational/legal sites only and not allowed to pornographic or other illegal sites.
  • You can share the content on any social network sites and other sites.
  • You may allow to copy 1-3 paragraphs only. But not allowed to copy full content.
  • You must give credit of copying content to our blog.
  • You must indicate clearly that content is owned and derived from site.
  • Don’t use our Images, Tables, Charts etc.
  • You should mention where to copy the content and Send us your article link [Permalink].

You are allowed to copy our content with attribution only. If we came to know that our content/articles is republished illegally in any blog or website, we will file a complaint with their advertising partners like Google Adsense and DMCA department of their web hosting company and proceed to take legal action on such site.

Please respect our copyright policy and follow above rules. Otherwise you may face legal actions.