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CA Final ISCA Important Topics & Questions for Nov 2016 & May 2017


CA Final ISCA Important Topics & Questions for Nov 2016 and May 2017. Earlier we’ve provided CA Final Study Plan for Nov 2016 exam Preparation. Today we are providing CA Final Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) Important Questions and Topics for CA Final Group 1 Paper 6 Exam Preparation. CA Final ISCA Important Topics for Nov 2016 have been listed out Chapter Wise. We recommend students to put more stress on these topics and do not leave other topics in ISCA unprepared. ISCA is one of the hardest subjects in CA Final syllabus and around 62% of people fail in this subject every attempt. We recommend you to atleast practice these question twice or thrice before appearing in the final examination.

CA Final ISCA Important Topics & Questions for Nov 2016 & May 2017

CA Final ISCA Important Topics QuestionsThere are total of Eight Chapters in CA Final ISCA syllabus applicable from November 2016 exams. Each individual chapter has certain important questions which were listed below for your reference:


Chap 1- Around 12-15 Marks

  • COBIT 5- Benefits & Components (V. IMP Must See)
  • Key Governance Practices of GEIT & Key Governance Practices of Risk Management, Best Practices for Corporate Governance, Risk Management Strategies, Steering Committee- V.V.IMP
  • Management Practices for evaluating GRC (specially IMP) or Governance Structure-IMP
  • Metrics to evaluate the business benefit of use of IT , IT Strategic Planning classification categories, Internal Control Components as per COSO

Governance Concepts – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

The first chapter is one of the most under rated topic in ISCA syllabus. This is because, in few attempts not many marks from this chapter. But in certain attempts, almost 12 Marks will be asked from this chapter alone.

Business Governance Dimension5 Marks
IT Steering Committee5 Marks
COBIT 5 Enablers6 Marks
Management Practices for Evaluating Internal Control4 Marks

Chap 2- Around 15 Marks

  • KMS, Types of Knowledge, Short note on Core Banking-IMP
  • Attributes of Information, Classification of Systems, Characteristics of CBIS-IMP
  • DSS-Components, Characteristics & Difference between DSS & MIS- IMP
  • EIS Characteristics, Application of Information System in Business, Features & Activities of TPS
  • Email Characteristics, Misconceptions about MIS, Benefits of ERP

IS Concepts – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

Information System Concepts in relatively small chapter in the entire ISCA Paper. Its a very scoring paper too.

MIS and its Limitations5 Marks
Components of an EIS4 Marks
Transaction Processing Systems5 Marks

Chap 3- Around 20 Marks

  • Impact of Technology on Controls, Segregation of Duties, Asynchronous Attacks, short note on Trojan Horses -IMP
  • Managerial Controls- Part (Especially Programming, Data Resource Management or Operational) or overall- IMP
  • Application Controls (Especially Communication Controls & Processing Controls)- IMP
  • Internet & Intranet Controls, Firewall, Cryptography, Access Control Mechanism,

System Development Controls & Computer Centre Security Controls as a part of General Controls- IMP

  • Physical/Logical/Environmental- Examples of controls for each (especially Physical)- Assets to be safeguarded & Perpetrators, Technical Exposures- IMP
  • Components of Controls, Data Integrity Policies, Cyber Frauds-Types of cyber-attacks & techniques
  • Issues to address in a Security Policy, Attributes of Security(CIA), Objectives of Controls

Protection of Information Systems – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

Without no doubt, the most important and one of the largest chapters in CA Final ISCA. The more time you spend your time on this, the better it would be.

Preventive Vs Boundary Controls5 Marks
Data Integrity Policies4 Marks
Cyber Fraud Techniques5 Marks
Asynchronous Attacks4 Marks
Trojan Horse, Worms and Time Bomb4 Marks

Chap 4- Around 12 Marks

  • Components of BCM- overall or parts (maintenance, testing, training, Phrases of BCP- IMP
  • Objectives of BCP & BCM, DRP- Components, Audit of BCP/DRP, Types of Backup- IMP
  • What is BCM, BCP Methodology

BCP and DRP – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning is relatively easy chapter with lots of theory based questions with out any real life practical approach. Its a scoring chapter. Dont read this chapter in a single go. Read each topic each day.

Objectives of BCP5 Marks
Emergency Vs Recovery Plan4 Marks
Hot Ste Vs Warn Site4 Marks
DRP Document Features5 Marks

Chap 5-Around 15-18 Marks

  • Business Process Design, PIR, Considerations for hardware and software acquisition in benchmarking, Types of Maintenance -V.IMP
  • Fact finding techniques, Types of feasibility, RFP phases, Characteristics of good program – IMP
  • Short Note-SRS, System Development Tools (any 1 especially data dictionary)- IMP
  • Methods and grounds of vendor evaluation, Roles involved in SDLC, Activities & methods of System Conversion- IMP
  • System Development Methodology and Methods (short note on any 1 especially Incremental & Waterfall)
  • Analysis of existing system, Advantages of SDLC, Auditors role in SDLC

Acquisition of IS – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

Acquisition, Development and Implementation of Information Technology Systems is the biggest chapter in the ISCA Paper. It is also very time consuming.

Spiral Vs Waterfall Model5 Marks
SDLC5 Marks
Characteristics of Good Coded Program4 Marks
Black Box Vs White Box Testing5 Marks
Activities involved in Successful conversion of IS4 Marks

Chap 6- Around 12-15 Marks

  • Audit Trails- Objectives, Types & Application Controls Audit Trails (ANY 1 Part or short note)- V.IMP
  • Concurrent Audit Tools (especially SCARF, Audit Hooks), Categories in IS Audit – IMP
  • Skills expected of IS Auditor, Types of Risk, Important Points to be covered in planning an IS Audit- IMP
  • Critical Factors to be considered by IS Auditor in Preliminary Review of IS Audit, Approaches to Application Security Controls Audit

Auditing of IS – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

Some what relevant topic to CA Students. There will be so many questions that need to be by-hearted in this chapter.

Types of IS Audits5 Marks
Snapshots, Audit Hooks4 Marks
Continuous Audit Techniques5 Marks

Chap 7- Around 15 Marks

  • System Audit & Controls of IRDA & RBI, Cyber Security Policy 2013-Objectives-V.IMP
  • ITIL (Any 1 stage or Functions), Changes in ISO27001- V.IMP
  • Sections 43, 45, 66A, 66B,66E,68, 69(IMP),69A(IMP),69B, 70(IMP),70B, 80, 81, 85(IMP)
  • Initial Sections (specially 3A,6,6A(IMP), 7,7A,10), Objectives of IT Act

IT Regulatory Issues – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

A straight liftoff from the Information Technology Act.

Use of E-Records in Govt Organisations5 Marks
Section 69 of IT Act5 Marks
Vision of National Cyber Security Policy 20134 Marks
Service Strategy of ITIL4 Marks

Chap 8- 2 Questions Around 10-12 Marks

  • Cloud Computing-Architecture & Environment, Models(PAAS, SAAS,CAAS,IAAS)- V.IMP Must See
  • Benefits of Mobile Computing, Types of Social Networks, Components of Web 2.0- IMP
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing, Cloud & Grid Computing

Emerging Technologies – CA Final ISCA Important Topics

Students undergoing Articleship will feel this chapter very easy. Most of the topics were covered in their training.

Private Cloud5 Marks
SaaS Vs PaaS5 Marks
BYOD, Web 2.0, Hybrid Cloud4 Marks
Green IT5 Marks
Security Issues in Cloud Computing5 Marks

Note : We have provided this article “CA Final ISCA Important Topics & Questions for Nov 2016 & May 2017” to help average students who are getting just pass marks. If you want to get 60+ marks then it is better to prepare full syllabus of CA Final Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) without looking for what are the Important Questions and Topics.

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